About Us

Getting clients is the lifeblood of every Dental Practice. But the problem is that many dentists struggle to attract the right ones.

The secret to overcoming this is to match the right message with the right people at the right time — something that has been extremely difficult to do until digital marketing came around.

What we will be implementing for you will not be another generic solution or “marketing template” that promises big results and gives you nothing in return.

You’ll be getting personal and direct ONE-ON-ONE partnership with me and my team to design and implement a proven, tested, customized system that, month after month, will drive new clients to your business.

Using best practices, practical experience, and passion, we will utilize the most effective tactics in Direct Response content creation, PPC, web design, and advanced Google ads marketing to make sure your business is found online, high-quality leads are generated, and new consultations are acquired at at profit. We’re serious about getting results and boosting your ROI!!

– Nickolas Perry

Founder, Sanctuary Digital Studio (home of the Dental Dream Machine)